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Classroom Resources > Introduction to Maps & Map Skills
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Introduction to Maps & Map Skills

Introduction to Maps & Map Skills

This segment of Maps101® introduces your students to the important skills and knowledge they'll need to be "map-literate." It covers map projections, types of maps, locations and the coordinate system, map scales, time zones, and the International Date Line. The text and maps that you'll see here provide a background from which students can use maps effectively in their studies and their personal lives. For example, students will learn how to read thematic maps with map keys and how to decipher a map's scale. They'll find out why the International Date Line exists and learn about the importance of map projection.

Students will read the text and then refer to the maps provided as examples. If you have additional maps in the classroom, feel free to share those with students as well. They can then do the activities to try out the skills they've read about. If they read the text, look at the maps, practice their skills with the activities, and discuss their questions and ideas, they'll be well on their way to mastering the fundamental map skills that all students should gain in their secondary education. They'll also be well-prepared to embark on the Maps101® activities and lesson plans.

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