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IN THE NEWS: RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities

RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities From National Geographic
by Claire Schoen Media

Most of the great cities, the world over, are built along the water. So are many towns, hamlets, and villages. But sea level rise and extreme weather, both fueled by climate change, threaten to reclaim coastal lands and the communities that are built on them. The destruction of New York’s shoreline, in the wake of Super Storm Sandy, has made this all too clear.

Photograph: Kim Hong-Ji/AP full article...

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Impact of Climate Change on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Running Time: 4 Minutes

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Where in the World is this Video?

Segment titled "East Africa: Impact of Climate Change on Mount Kilimanjaro." For the last century, the ice cap atop Mt. Kilimanjaro has been shrinking, reducing the water supply to the surrounding area.

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